mercredi 6 janvier 2016

Djézireh : le PYD enlève un Kurde

PYD-affiliated Security Kidnaps Kurdish Resident in Rojava

His whereabouts unknown

Karzan Hawrami

about 6 hours ago   |  News

ERBIL – Syrian Kurdistan forces of Democratic Union Party (PYD) kidnaps a Kurdish resident in Rojava (Syrian Kurdistan) on Tuesday in an unknown location.

PYD security forces kidnaped a Kurdish citizen, named Barham Sheikh Izzadin in Derike – Cizire Canton.

The family of Izzedin told BasNews that the forces had their faces covered and kidnapped Izzedin in their own house. "If it is not PYD militants, how could these militant pass four security checkpoints and kidnap Izzedin in his house? How come the security is silence about it?" Izzedin’s family members said.

The representative of PYD Cantons in the Kurdistan Region, Sherzad Yezidi, told BasNews on Tuesday that the Rojava security does not only belong to PYD, but also other parties are part of it.

"PYD is busy with other big achievements, the party wouldn't get itself busy with that stuff (kidnapping)," Yezidi said.

On Monday, PYD –affiliated police forces allegedly beat up a Kurdish journalist in Rebisiye area.
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