jeudi 17 décembre 2015

Selon le PDKI, l'Iran s'inquiète des relations du GRK avec l'Arabie saoudite et la Turquie

Iran Worried by Kurdish Progress in the Region: KDPI

Disrespecting Kurdish culture and symbols is not a unique move by Iranian media, KDPI politburo member says

Hawar Abdulrazaq

a day ago   |  Middle East

ERBIL — Following Kurdistan Region President Massoud Barzani’s trip to Turkey where senior officials received him as the head of an independent country, the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) reacted aggressively to the action and referred to Barzani as the “northern Iraqi man in Kurdish trousers.”

The statement angered Kurds in Iraqi and Iranian Kurdistan to begin a campaign on social media, posting their pictures in Kurdish clothes.

Political and social activists in Iran asked Iranian government and the IRNA to officially apologize over the comments.

Politburo Member of Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran (KDPI) Mohammed Salih Qaderi told BasNews that sneering Kurds and their culture is not a unique action by Iranian media as they have always had a poor view to other nations in Iran.

Qaderi believes that the action is the result of Kurdish significant achievements in the region after Barzani was warmly received in Saudi Arabia and Turkey recently.

“The political position of Kurds is noticeably improving, by which Iranian government is worried and absolutely not pleased”, says Qaderi.

However, after the Kurdish reactions, IRNA edited the article on its website and removed the comment.

He believes that raising a Kurdish flag in Turkish presidential palace is a huge move forward for the Kurds because Turkey had neglected Kurds for centuries “but now respects their symbols.”

“Iran always stabs Kurds in the back,” Qaderi claims.
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