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Pétrole de l'EI : le Gouvernement régional du Kurdistan irakien dément les allégations russes, basées sur des photos satellites erronées

Putin's accusation of Turkey-Daesh oil trade rejected by KRG
Northern Iraqi regional government says oil tankers in Russian defense ministry photos belong to KRG

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18:31 December 03, 2015 Yeni Şafak

The Energy Commission Chairman of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) in Northern Iraq, Sherko Jawdat, said that Russian President Vladimir Putin shows pictures of KRG trucks as evidence of his claims of Turkish President Erdoğan's oil dealings with Daesh.

“The satellite pictures [which Russia serviced to media as evidence of Putin's allegation] were oil tankers from the Kurdish region en route to Turkey's Ceyhan port," Jawdat said.

Jawdat said that he conducted research on Daesh's oil trade and had enough information, but the photographs shown by Russia are “far" from proving the claims.

Jawdat said that KRG's Natural Resources ministry had announced several times that hundreds of tankers were carrying oil from northern Iraq to Turkey, adding that the whole world knew Kurdish oil was being shipped to Turkey.

Furthermore, KRG spokesman Safin Dzayi said his government is saddened by the Russian accusations, and added that the oil flowing from the KRG to Turkey does not belong to Daesh, who the Iraqi Kurds are actively fighting. "Russia's explanations are based on wrong sources. We strongly reject the Russian accusations," he said.

This statement from Northern Iraqi government came a day after Russian defense ministry called a press conference to show evidence of President Vladimir Putin's allegation that Erdoğan and his family are involved in oil trade with Daesh in Syria, where Turkey along with other anti-Daesh coalition powers has been conducting air strikes on the terrorist organization.

Erdoğan repeatedly challenged Putin in several international platforms but until now, Putin could not submit any evidence.

The Russian media stated that Putin has strong evidence behind his claims. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan strongly denied the allegation, and challenged his Russian counterpart to prove it. Erdoğan added that he would resign from his post if Putin could support his claims. “But if Putin can't prove anything, will he resign from his post?" Erdoğan asked.

Some Russian media reported that they “believe" that Putin has evidence and he will show it. Yesterday, many Russian news portals circulated that Moscow is going to share the evidence with media.

In a press conference, the Russian defense ministry shared some satellite pictures that show trucks waiting to cross Turkish border. He tried to imply that these are Daesh oil tankers, but all the trucks were routing trucks.

Then Russian media started to share some pictures from Twitter, which were shared by unrecognized accounts at various times.

Turkish authority earlier stated that Russia spread these allegations as an excuse for the SU-24 Russian jet's violation of Turkish airspace before being shot down by Turkish fighter jets near the Turkey-Syria border on November 24.

Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu said today that Moscow revived its Soviet-era propaganda mechanism to spread lies.
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