mercredi 23 décembre 2015

Le PDK aspire à un nouveau système politique en Irak

KDP calls for a new system in Iraq
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ERBIL — The Council of Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) leadership hold a regular meeting on Sunday under supervision of President Massoud Barzani. The acting Kurdish party called for establishing a new system in Iraq which granted the rights of all minorities.

During the KDP meeting the debates focused in particular on the situation in Kurdistan Region, Iraq, relationship between Erbil and Baghdad and civil war in Syria.

The visit of Barzani in Turkey and Gulf states had been described as „diplomatic achievements and new era concluding the relationship of Kurdistan Region to its neighbours“, the written declaration that was released after the meeting stated.

In addition the KDP Council called for new political system in Iraq which granted the rights of all minorities and the political, economic, military and administrative rights of Kurdistan Region.

The political crisis had been traced back to the attitude of some sites and ideological failures.

KDP announced that it will support all powers which are interested in seeking a solution to the problems in Kurdistan Region by dialogues and negotiations.
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