mercredi 16 décembre 2015

Kurdistan irakien : le parti Gorran serait en train de créer une milice avec le soutien de l'Iran

Gorran “Establishing Armed Force”

Iranian government providing weapons, source claims

Hawar Abdulrazaq

4 days ago   |  Kurdistan

SULAYMANIYAH — Gorran (Change Movement) is in the process of creating a militia outside the authority of the legitimate security forces of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG).

A source told BasNews that Gorran offices across Sulaymaniyah province and Garmiyan administration have recently begun enlisting people for an armed force.

The source claimed the party is supported by the Islamic Republic of Iran.

"Gorran will be receiving weaponry and military equipment from the Iranian government once they concluded the recruitment phase," the source said.

The head of Gorran's office in Chamchamal, Abdullah Kwekha Moubarak, recently posted on social media that his party will have its own armed forces.

Peshmerga Commander Sheikh Jafar Sheikh Mustafa recently warned that no armed groups outside the KRG's official forces will be allowed to operate inside the Kurdistan Region.
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No Militia Groups Allowed in Kurdistan Region: Kurdish MP

Forces outside Peshmerga control “illegitimate and illegal”, Sourchi insists

Hawar Abdulrazaq

3 days ago   |  Kurdistan

SULAYMANIYAH — A member of the Parliamentary Committee for Peshmerga Affairs has said that political parties are forbidden from creating militia groups in the Kurdistan Region.

MP Mohammed Sadiq Sourchi insists that any armed forces outside the control of the Kurdistan Region’s ministry of Peshmerga is considered “illegitimate and illegal.”

BasNews previously reported that Gorran (Change Movement) is in the process of enlisting people for an armed force across Sulaymaniyah province and the Garmiyan administration. A source claimed that the Islamic Republic of Iran is supporting the party.

Surchi reiterated that the committee will block any attempt to create militia groups.

He explained that several armed forces have recently been formed from Yazidis, Shabaks and Christian minorities in the Kurdistan Region, “but they all operate under the control of the Peshmerga ministry.”
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