samedi 19 décembre 2015

Hassakeh : le PYD confisque de l'aide alimentaire

PYD Confiscates Aid Earmarked for Civilians

Barzani Charity foundation sent food to Syrian Kurdistan

Hawar Abdulrazaq

2 days ago   |  Kurdistan

HASAKA — Democratic Union Party (PYD) security forces have seized a warehouse in Syrian Kurdistan where the Barzani Charity Foundation (BCF) had been storing aid for citizens.

On Wednesday, the security forces attacked the warehouse in the Trpa Spi district of Hasaka, Syrian Kurdistan, and confiscated food supplied by BCF from the Kurdistan Region.

A Syrian Kurdish civil activist, Khalil Rasoul, told BasNews that the forces first prevented an emergency team from distributing the food among civilians, saying that the distribution must be under their control.

“Disagreements continue between the PYD and Syrian Kurdish National Council which supervises the distribution process.”

BCF is among the most active charity foundations in the Kurdistan Region which has provided food and basics not only for refugees in the region, but also for displaced people in Syrian Kurdistan since the start of the crisis.
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