samedi 7 novembre 2015

Le régime de Bagdad confisque des armes destinées à Erbil

Baghdad Confiscates Military Shipments Heading to Erbil
Iraqi authorities should have been informed in advance, Iraqi MP says

03.11.2015  14:43

BAGHDAD – Iraqi authorities have prevented two shipments of weapons at Baghdad international airport from flying to the Kurdistan Region.

Head of the Iraqi Parliamentary Committee for Defence and Security Affairs Hakm Zamli told Iraqi media that the shipments contained weapons and military equipment bound for Erbil.

One plane came from Kuwait and the other from Incirlik air base in Turkey, carrying weapons donated by Sweden and Canada, Zamli confirmed.

The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) regularly accuses the central government of blocking international military support headed for Erbil.

The Iraqi MP claims authorities confiscated the shipments as they were not informed about the transit in advance.

According to Iraqi law, all military cargo must go via Baghdad before being delivered to Erbil.
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