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Manifestations et violences dans le Kurdistan irakien

"Abdulla Hawez ‏@abdullahawez 19 hil y a 19 heures

Protest in the town of Qaladzi in the #KRG against growing political and economic crisis in Kurdistan turn bloody - one killed & 6 wounded."

"Abdulla Hawez ‏@abdullahawez 16 hil y a 16 heures

Angry protesters storm KDP office in Qaladzi as death toll of protesters rise to three. #KRG"

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#BREAKING ..... Protest in town of Qaladzie results in killing one boy and five more injured @EnglishBasNews"

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Protests in Pishdar Area Turns Violence
Three killed and 18 injured

10.10.2015  11:16

QALADIZA – Angry protesters on Friday attacked the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) office in the town of Qaladiza, in the north of Sulaymaniyah province, near the Iranian border and other nearby areas.

Clashes broke out between protesters and security forces, in which three people were killed and 18 more wounded.

On Friday afternoon in areas around Pishdar – Qaldiza, Zharawa and Hajiawa – demonstrations took place, in what protesters claimed was due to the non-payment of government employees’ salaries and the ongoing lack of resolution to the presidential issue, still being discussed by the five main political parties more than two months after President Barzani’s term expired.

According to eyewitnesses, the protests first started in front of the Qaladiza governorate building, and were calm. However protestors eventually headed toward a KDP office, which was attacked with rocks by a few.

Some witnesses claim that the office guards shot into the air, but KDP officials say the guards were responding to shots from the crown of protestors.

Health officials from Qaladiza emergency hospital confirmed the causalities to BasNews, saying so far three people have been killed – one of whom was a security officer – and 18 more wounded, four of them KDP guards.

Eyewitnesses say after protests turned violent Qaladiza security forces attempted to calm the situation. However by this time the protest was out of control and after an hour or more, KDP officials from the office fled the area. Protesters entered the building and set fire to the office.

More shootings followed, when according to another eyewitness, the security officer was killed.

As news of Qaladiza violence spread, protesters attacked and set fire to the Zharawa KDP office.

In Hajiawa a group of unknown gunmen shot at the KDP office, however no casualties were reported.

Following the riot in Qaladiza, Kurdistan Region President Massoud Barzani issued a statement on Friday night and called for restraint and for those responsible for Friday’s violence and deaths to be brought to justice.

KDP MP Ari Harsin condemned the violence in the Pishdar area.

“However I have to ask, why would people attack a small KDP office in Qaladiza, when the KDP don’t have any power in the area?”

The MP accused the Goran Movement of being behind the violence.

Afterwards, PUK deputy leader Kosrat Ali called on the leaders of all KRG parties to intervene to resolve the current crises.

The KRG issued a statement calling on civilians and the parties to deal with the current situation in calm and civilized manner.

Then the Change “Gorran” Movement issued its own statement and saying it supports civic protests but opposes violence and adding that Kurdistan Region goes through delicate time and all sides need to act responsibly..

The Qaladiza violence comes a day after protests in Sulaymaniyah, in which protesters attacked public places in the city and clashed with police. Nine people were injured, none of them seriously.
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