mercredi 7 octobre 2015

Irak : le PKK enrôle 55 enfants-soldats parmi les Yézidis

PKK “Recruits 55 Yazidi Child Soldiers”
Their families accuse the PKK of brainwashing
Basnews  |  Risala Sharkani
07.10.2015  11:27

ERBIL – Yazidi children have gone missing from refugee camps in the Kurdistan Region. Their families claim that the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) has recruited them as child soldiers.

Director of Cham-Mshko refugee camp near Zakho, Dler Ahmed, confirmed to BasNews that at least 55 children have gone missing from the camp.

Ahmed said that the children are all under 15 and their families are deeply concerned about their fate.

Yazidis fled Sinjar in northern Iraq last year when Islamic State (IS) militants attacked the city, killing hundreds and taking thousands hostage. Those that escaped are mostly settled in the Kurdistan Region.

The mother of one of the missing children told BasNews that there are people in the camp who brainwash the young boys and send them to PKK military camps. “My son has joined the PKK four times, and each time we have brought him back,” she said.

Jalal, a 16 year-old Yazidi who recently fled the PKK told BasNews that he had joined the fighters before because he wished to save his siblings, held by IS.

“I thought that I could do something through the PKK to free my family,” Jalal continued. “But I will never return to PKK as I understand the party is abusing the children for their own political interests.”

KRG security forces are asking Yazidi IDPs to inform them about any individual who tries to enlist children so they can charge them appropriately.

Pictures of two Yazidi refugee boys taken by PKK to turn them in to militants:
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