mercredi 21 octobre 2015

Asia Abdullah (PYD) soutient les frappes russes contre les "terroristes"

PYD Leader Supports Russian Airstrikes in Syria
International and local forces must unite, says Asia Abdullah

21.10.2015  09:36

MOSCOW – The co-chair of the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) has hailed Russian airstrikes on Islamic State (IS) positions in Syria.

Asia Abdullah believes Russia’s involvement should be pooled in the struggle against terrorists, according to news website Russia Behind The Headlines.

“We welcome the participation of international forces in the struggle against Islamic State, and we also hail Russian airstrikes on terrorists,” she told Interfax.

“We … need to unite sound forces inside Syria as well as international forces to confront the main threat,” Abdullah said.

Abdullah has also confirmed plans to set up a Syrian Kurdistan representative office in Russia.

“In our opinion, this is needed in order to intensify mutual relations with the Russian leadership.

“This representative office will bring relations between Russia and Kurds closer and [we will be able to] more rapidly adopt decisions on various issues,”
Abdullah said.

Abdullah also said that during a visit to Moscow, the Syrian Kurdish delegation will hold talks with representatives of the Russian Foreign Ministry.
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