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Turquie : arrestation et expulsion de la journaliste pro-terroriste Frederike Geerdink (néerlandaise), après sa participation à une chaîne humaine visant à protéger les terroristes du PKK

Turkish police detain Dutch activist, 30 others in ‘pro-PKK human shield’
Published September 6, 2015

On Sunday in the southeastern Hakkari province police officers detained 30 individuals following an intervention against a group with members from the pro-Kurdish Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) and its fraternal Democratic Regions Party (DBP) who want to be human shields for the PKK, which has been continuing since Aug. 17 to protect them from Turkish military operations.

Those detained were sent to the Yüksekova district gendarmerie general command. A Dutch activist based in southeastern Diyarbakır province, Frederike Geerdink, was reportedly among the detained demonstrators.

"I'm in custody in Yüksekova," she said on her Twitter account, adding that she is to give testimony to a prosecutor. It is expected that she will be on trial for supporting terror and her deportation will remain on the agenda.

Previously she was detained again in January of this year on charges of producing "terrorist propaganda" on behalf of the outlawed PKK terrorist organization and a lawsuit was opened against Geerdink on relevant charges; however she was acquitted of those charges in April by the decision of the Diyarbakır 6th High Criminal Court. Geerdink, known for her previous pro-PKK statements, had been facing a prison term up to five years.

Geerdink, who has been in Turkey since 2006 and has been living in Diyarbakır since 2012, expressed her frustration in the PKK for laying down its arms and continuing negotiations to end the decades-long conflict between the organization and the Turkish state. Geerdink received criticism for supporting the continuation of the existence of a violent terrorist organization. She was accused of attempting to recruit militants for the terrorist organization.

"And the topic that the media seem to get excited about is disarmament … Öcalan, after all, said a few days ago that a solution to the conflict could be reached within months. So, is he preparing for another ground-breaking speech at Nevruz? Will he declare a permanent cease-fire? I'd be disappointed if he did," she wrote, referring to the PKK's jailed leader's earlier call for disarmament.

Authorities have stated that her detention was due to a series of complaints over her alleged support for the terrorist organization.

The PKK is recognized as a terrorist organization by the U.S., EU and Turkey and its terrorist attacks have claimed the lives of 40,000 people since 1983. The terrorist group has escalated its attacks since the June 7 parliamentary elections. The group is targeting infrastructure projects and separately teachers and doctors in the southeast of the country, creating significant anger among civilians. Its efforts to harm the local economy have caused a sharp drop in investments.
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Dutch journalist to be deported from Turkey

09 September 2015 14:19 (Last updated 09 September 2015 14:20)
Frederike Geerdink was arrested at 'peace camp' in Hakkari province


A Dutch journalist based in southeastern province of Diyarbakir is to be deported, a security source said Wednesday.

Frederike Geerdink, who has been based in Turkey since 2006, was arrested on Sept. 5 in Yuksekova, in the southeastern province of Hakkari, where she had joined Kurdish civilians at a “peace camp” in a security zone established by the military.

She was among 32 people arrested on suspicion of assisting a terrorist organization.

Hakkari, which borders Iraq and Iran, has seen some of the deadliest attacks since the PKK terrorist organization resumed its armed conflict with the Turkish state at the end of July, including Sunday’s roadside bomb attack that martyred 16 soldiers.

She was released along with five others Tuesday and is currently awaiting deportation in Hakkari.

She was previously arrested in February in Diyarbakir on charges of spreading PKK propaganda and was acquitted in April.
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