dimanche 13 septembre 2015

Mardin : le PKK a tiré sur 6 ambulances en l'espace de 20 jours

Outlawed PKK opens fire on 6 ambulances within 20 days

PKK militants open fire targeting civilians on six ambulances in Mardin within last twenty days

Sep 10, 2015 07:17 GMT

PKK militants opened fire on six ambulances, including a medical home vehicle, in Turkey’s southeastern province of Mardin within 20 days, according to official sources.

Confirming the number to reporters, Head of Mardin Health Department, Mehmet Dervis said that ‘’It is unacceptable that a doctor or medical staff being fired bullets while struggling to treat a patient’’.

The latest attack by PKK came on Tuesday when the militants opened fire with long barreled weapons on a parked ambulance in front of an emergency service in Mardin, shattering the windows of the vehicle.

No casulties were reported after the incident and the security officers launched an investigation to seize the attackers.

Accordingly, PKK militants blocked a highway and intercepted the vehicles to check for identification in eastern province of Bingol on last Saturday. The militants blocked off an ambulance which was carrying a patient and opened fire behind the vehicle.

The PKK is listed as a terrorist organisation by Turkey, the US, EU and the UK.

In recent weeks, civilians have become the target in the increasing number of attacks carried out by the outlawed PKK.

The militants of PKK’s youth wing - (YDG-H) trenched in roads and opened fire from the streets injuring a pregnant woman in southeastern province of Diyarbakir on Saturday.

A masked group of PKK militants also raided a coffeehouse in southeastern province of Hakkari and opened fire on people after taking all the money in the shop last week. Several citizens were injured by the fires of the militants.

The terrorist attacks of PKK also include, but are not limited to kidnappings and damage to public and private property mostly in Turkey's southeast.

Another terrorist attack by PKK took place in northeastern province of Kars on Saturday, when the militants blocked a road and set four vehicles, including a bus and three trucks, on fire.

In the meantime, at least 110 Turkish security officials have been killed by outlawed PKK, especially in the attacks that were carried out with improvised explosive devices (IED), since PKK’s umbrella organisation, the Group of Communities in Kurdistan (KCK) ended ceasefire with the Turkish government on July 11.
Source : http://beta.trtworld.com/turkey/outlawed-pkk-opens-fire-on-6-ambulances-within-20-days-7583

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