mercredi 23 septembre 2015

Le PDKI poursuit ses activités en Iran

VIDEO…KDPI Peshmerga Continue Activities Inside Iran
They met with the Kurdish residents near Naqadeh

Basnews  |  Sharif Falah
23.09.2015  10:22

NAQADEH – The Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran (KDPI) Peshmerga have carried out new propaganda operations in Iranian Kurdistan, the party’s official websites reported.

Overnight on Monday 21st September, a number of KDPI Peshmerga entered Gargul village near Naqadeh in the north west of Iran, and addressed residents from the speakers of a mosque.

BasNews has learned that a senior official from the leadership of the KDPI commanded a Peshmerga unit to deliver the message.

According to the KDPI official website, the Peshmerga promised residents that the KDPI will have a stronger presence in Kurdish areas of Iran, to establish a closer relationship between the party and the people.

The Iranian Kurdish Peshmerga visited Oshnavieh in the same province last week and played the Kurdish anthem from a mosque in the city.

Video below shows KDPI Peshmerga activities inside Iran:
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