samedi 19 septembre 2015

La police politique du PYD impose un couvre-feu à Hassakeh

Kurdish Security Forces Place Hasakah Under Curfew
Restrictions after recent Islamic State bombings

19.09.2015  11:08

HASAKAH – The General Command of the Asayish forces in Kurdish areas of Syria have imposed a curfew in Hasakah, after Islamic State (IS) targeted the city in bomb attacks.

Dozens of civilians were killed in IS attacks against Kurdish forces on September 14th/15th. IS was defeated by the People’s Protection Units (YPG) in Hasakah city last summer.

As a result Kurdish police implemented a curfew in the city between September 18th and 28th from 9pm until 5am. The use of trucks and cars is not permitted between these hours, apart from security vehicles.

Moreover, all shops, internet cafes and restaurants will be closed in the city apart from pharmacies, hospitals and bakeries.

The Asayish has banned the use of motorcycles fearing they can be used by IS militants in suicide operations.

The Asayish has also declared that trucks require permission from the Asayish and the Transport Authority in the democratic self-administration controlled by the Democratic Union Party (PYD).

“We call upon all brothers to cooperate with us to facilitate these tasks entrusted to us to ensure the safety and security of our citizens,” the Asayish stated.
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