mercredi 23 septembre 2015

Des parlementaires du Kurdistan irakien proposent un projet de loi visant à bloquer les sites pornographiques

KRG Parliament Tables Plan to Ban Pornography Websites
Kurdistan Region had rejected federal ban on Internet porn
21.09.2015  12:06

ERBIL – Kurdistan Region Parliament has proposed draft law to ban pornographic websites in Kurdistan Region.

Members of the Kurdistan Region parliament have put forward a draft law blocking pornographic websites in the Region.

MP Bahzad Darwesh from the Kurdistan Islamic Union (KIU) revealed that 27 MPs signed a draft law on September 20th, proposing the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) block access to online porn.

Darwesh claimed that the draft law has been made to save customs, traditions and social values.

He pointed out that along with MPs from Islamic parties, other members of parliament have signed the bill.

The KIU bloc in the Kurdistan Region parliament has previously presented a draft law suggesting the KRG oversee and monitor internet users and their access to different content.

The Iraqi parliament recently voted to restrict access to internet pornography in the country, but the newly-ratified law is not enforceable until the Kurdistan Region parliament votes in favor of the bill.
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