samedi 11 juillet 2015

Le régime d'Assad recrute des Kurdes pour réaliser des assassinats et des attentats en Turquie

Syria is recruiting Kurds to carry out assassinations and attacks inside Turkey

    Saturday, 04 July 2015 15:13

Arabi21 has obtained two documents that expose the role of the Syrian regime in supporting Kurdish forces hostile to Turkey for them to carry out terrorist attacks, including political assassinations, in Ankara and Istanbul. The documents are behind the wide-scale military operation Turkey intends to undertake in Northern Syria, according to the source who supplied them.

The documents indicate that senior Syrian officials have agreed to provide support and funding for Kurdish forces to embark on attacks that result in "discomfort for the Turkish enemy". One letter stresses that, "Turkey will witness plenty of disturbances in the coming days by virtue of the preparations made for this purpose."

The disclosure comes only three days after reports suggesting that the Turkish army has sent reinforcements to the Province of Killis as well as troops to the border town of El Baili. The Turks also set up checkpoints along the roads linking border towns. In the meantime, Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu said that his country will not allow anybody to impose the status quo and will not remain silent about any attempt to amend the political or demographic map of the region. Hours later, Ibrahim Kalin, an advisor to Turkey's president, said that no terrorist organisation will be allowed to establish a presence along the southern borders of the country.

The first of the two documents is a secret message sent by to a departmental head within Syrian intelligence informing him that the minister of defence and General Ali Mamluk visited Al-Qamishli on 17 June where they met with senior leaders of the Kurdish Workers Party (PKK); they also met a delegation sent by Masud Al-Barazani headed by his own son Masrur and made up of senior officials from the political forces within Iraqi Kurdistan. All the parties agreed to cooperate completely and absolutely in order to deploy elements from the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and Hezbollah in Al-Malikyah, which is part of Al-Qamishly, prior to mobilising them towards Tal Abyad and then all the way to Aleppo; and open supply routes for them and enable them to seize full control of the said areas.

The message also says that, "The Minister of Defence, Brigadier Fahd Jassem Al-Fraij, approved all the demands of the PKK and consented to expanding their hegemony over the Province of Al-Hasakah. He promised them full support and absolute autonomy. He also promised the Al-Barazani delegation support deep within the Turkish territories in Kurdish and Kurdish Alawite towns."

It adds that Minister Al-Fraij ordered the Kurds to support Shia cells within Al-Riqqah in order to strike ISIS. The minister also gave permission to the Peshmerga to come in under the banner of the PKK with full allegiance to the Syrian leadership and never allow the "Turkish enemy" to have comfort, promising that the coming days will witness "many disturbances in Turkey".

The second secret document obtained by Arabi 21 bears the reference number 15721/85. It is a letter from Branch 330 to the Director of the Department of General Intelligence. The letter states: "Following reconnaissance by the internal source number 43, the source monitored the arrival of 17 elements belonging to the Revolutionary Popular Liberation Front Party that is opposed to the Turkish enemy. These have been admitted to Syria via the Kurdish People Protection Units in order to train them on the bombing, assassination and kidnapping operations to be launched against prominent and influential Turkish personalities deep inside the Turkish enemy's territories / Ankara – Istanbul /. They are still in the training camps of the Kurdish Protection Units. They move between the village of Tal Maarouf and the town of Al-Qahtaniyah. Their training lasts thirty days after which they are returned to their country in order to function within the very heart of the Turkish enemy. For your attention and guidance."

The second letter makes it very clear that the Syrian regime has indeed started training Kurdish elements to carry out terrorist operations within Turkey, including kidnappings and assassinations.
This would explain, to a large extent, the massive military reinforcements deployed by Turkey along the border with Syria.
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