samedi 11 juillet 2015

Chaque mois, 3.000 Yézidis quittent le Kurdistan irakien pour la Turquie

Official: 3,000 Kurdish Yezidis leave for Turkey each month
By RUDAW 26/6/2015

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region — A prominent Yezidi member of Iraqi parliament has said an average of  3,000 Kurdish Yezidis are leaving the Kurdistan region for Turkey each month.

In a statement released Thursday, Yezidi parliamentarian Vian Dakhil announced that 100 Yezidi leave their homeland and cross the border to Turkey every day.
She has warned authorities about the consequences of a Yezidi mass migration. 

“Mass migration of Yezidis helps the Islamic extremists and other enemies of  Yezidis by implementing their plan against our people,” said the Yazidi MP.

“Yezidis are free to make a decision about their fate and future. I respect that right but leaving the homeland is what enemies wished that Yezidis would do,” she said.

Dakhil  also called on the Yezidis in Iraq and the Kurdistan region to be patient and for additional humanitarian aid and support from the global community.

In August 2014, militants with the self-proclaimed Islamic State, or ISIS, attacked the Yezidi homeland around Mt Shingal the and nearby villages in northern Iraq.

The Islamic extremists massacred thousands of Yazidi civilians —who they consider to be devil worshipers—and displaced many thousands more.

 At least 3,000 Yezidis, mostly women and girls, are still in ISIS captivity, according to reports. 
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