dimanche 14 juin 2015

Abou Mohammad Al-Joulani (chef d'al-Nosra) prédit une insurrection kurde (sunnite) en Iran

Al-Qaeda Leader Predicts Kurdish Uprising in Iran
Iran is Sitting on a Volcano: Al Qaeda Leader in Syria

08.06.2015  16:19

SYRIA – The leader of Al Qaeda in Syria has predicted a Kurdish uprising in Iran, while renouncing intentions to drag the United States further into conflict in Iraq and Syria.

Abu Muhammed al-Joulani gave an interview with Al Jazeera Arabic on June 3 in which he made the announcements.

While it had been the strategy of Al Qaeda to drag the US into war in Afghanistan and Iraq last decade, the Nusra Front, Al Qaeda’s Syrian arm has no wishes to do so currently in Iraq and Syria. “That’s not what we are striving to do,” Joulani said. “We will make do with chopping off Iran’s hands and arms in the region. If more than this is necessary, we will transfer the battle.”

Joulani claimed that “Iran is sitting on a volcano that is about to erupt” given the situation with its minority ethnicities. “It has eight million Kurds, who have been marginalized, as well as the marginalized Ahwazi Arabs. In Baluchistan, there are [Sunni] tribes, which are divided.”

He also asserted that Iran has more than 20 million Sunni Muslims.

The Jihadist leader cited recent protests in Ahwaz and Kurdistan, claiming they could spread to other areas.

“If there is instability in the areas mentioned, Iran will automatically fall back to its domestic affairs,” he concluded.
Source : http://www.basnews.com/en/news/2015/06/08/al-qaeda-leader-predicts-kurdish-uprising-in-iran/

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