mercredi 20 mai 2015

Syrie : la collaboration militaire et répressive entre le régime d'Assad et le PYD-YPG se poursuit

Syrian Regime Continues to Interfere in Kurdish Cantons
The Democratic Union Party (PYD) continues to rule Rojava unilaterally

Basnews  |  Shwan Barzinji
19.05.2015  15:45


Tensions are increasing among Kurdish political parties in Syria over the regime support for a single party system of rule in the Syrian Kurdistan known as Rojava.

The Democratic Union Party (PYD) continues to rule Rojava unilaterally, which is frustrating other parties such as the Kurdistan Democratic Party in Syria (KDPS) and the Kurdish National Council (KNC).

The KDPS and KNC claim that the ruling PYD is unlawfully arresting their members. A public gathering is being planned to protest the detentions.

Earlier this month the KDPS claimed that two of their members were arrested in Afrin, in the northern Syrian Governorate of Aleppo.

Abdulwahab Ali disappeared on the 5th of May, and a second man was alleged to have been kidnapped by Kurdistan Worker’s Party (PKK) guerillas on the 9th of May.

BasNews understands that the Syrian regime intelligence director of Qamishli ordered the PYD to stop other Kurdish parties opening headquarters in the region.

Senior PYD officials, Sipan Hamo, Shahin Jelo, Jihan Ali, Bedud Khalil and Bahoz Ardall have militarily cooperated with the Syrian heads of security forces in Hasaka and Qamishli, Brigadier General Ali Salih and Mohammad Nassr respectively.

The regime’s control over the Kurdish Cantons is similar to the situation in 1991 when Bashar al-Assad had put a military commander in charge of Lebanese areas.

BasNews can confirm that on his last visit to Russia, PYD leader Salih Muslim met with the Syrian ambassador in Moscow. He was asked to stay away from the Syrian opposition army, and in return Salih asked for military support a from the Syrian regime.

Nuri Brimo, spokesperson for the KNC told BasNews, “The regime handed the governance of these areas over to the PYD, and the PYD blocked our political participation in the region.”

“We have decided not to confront the PYD, even though the situation is bad; our members are arrested and kidnapped on a daily basis especially in Afrin.

“We call on the PYD to halt these provocative actions before the situation gets out of control,” Brimo warned.

Sherzad Yazidi, a senior PYD official, refutes the claims made by the KNC and KDPS and described them as “false allegations in favour of enemies.”

“Although we’re at war with Islamic State (IS), KNC and KDPS leaders abandoned their national responsibility to participate in the revolution. Instead they went to reside in luxury hotels in Erbil and Istanbul to spread rumours against democratic cantons, which serve the enemy,” Yazidi said.
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