mercredi 13 mai 2015

Irak : 20 Kurdes tués dans les rangs des milices chiites

At Least 20 Kurds Killed Fighting With Shi’ite Militias
Kurdish official warns KRG about Kurds joining Hashd-el Shahbi

Basnews  |  Shwan Barzinji
28.04.2015  16:38


A Kurdish official has revealed to BasNews that he has written to the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) concerning more than 20 Iraqi Kurds who have lost their lives fighting with the Shi’ite Popular Mobilization Forces known as Hashd-el Shahbi.

Nasraddin Sa’aed, head of the areas outside the Kurdistan Region officially known as ‘Disputed Areas’ said, “I led a fact-finding team to the disputed areas last March and found that Hashd-el Shahbi had exploited the economic situation of our people there. They were encouraged to join Iranian-backed Shi’ite militias. We have reported the issue to the KRG and suggested immediate action to solve the problem and prevent the Shi’ite militia from using our people any longer.”

“Based on information we received from the administrative offices in the disputed areas, at least 20 young Kurds who joined the Shi’ite militias have been killed so far,” added Sa’aed on Tuesday.

Hashd-el Shahbi was formed by the Iraqi government in June 2014 after Shi’ite head cleric Ali al-Sistani called for the defence of Shi’ite holy sites and Baghdad, and to participate in a counter-offensive against Islamic State, following the fall of Mosul on 10th June 2014. The forces brought together a number of Shi’ite militias, most of which receive direct support from Iran.

Regarding claims of there being 10,000 Kurds among the militias, Nasraddin said, “There is no clear data indicating the exact number of Kurdish people fighting with them. However when we visited the areas where the presence of the Shi’ite militants was noticeable we realized a large number of Kurds have joined them.”

“There are also Kurds fighting alongside IS militants, so having a few people with Shi’ite militias is no surprise,” the Secretary-General of the Ministry of Peshmerga (MOP), Jabar Yawar told BasNews.

He added, “There are even local Arab people joining Peshmerga forces in areas known as disputed territories by Iraqi constitution.”

Moreover, Kurdish Member of Parliament of the Iraqi Parliament, Shakhawan Adbulla told BasNews, “Hashd-el Shahbi numbers more than 50,000 militants; among them some Kurds who can later pose a threat to Kurdistan’s national security.”

“The KRG should solve this problem and consider the possibilities following by the disappearance of the IS threat. We should organise these young Kurds into MOP official units, as they are vulnerable to being used by other political parties against the Kurdistan Region in the future.”
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