mercredi 15 avril 2015

Sinjar : les YPG veulent forcer les Yézidis à apprendre le dialecte kurde sous la forme de l'alphabet latin

YPG Teaches Yazidis Romanised Kurdish
The schools are illegitimate, Says Sinjar Mayor

Basnews  |  Karzan Sabah Hawrami
13.04.2015  12:17


The People’s Protection Units (YPG) fighters are teaching displaced Kurdish Yazidi students from Sinjar, now settled on Mount Sinjar, in Romanised (Latin alphabet) Kurdish and not the Kurdish – Arabic alphabet.

Kurdish Yazidi activist Muhanad Sinjari told BasNews, “YPG fighters have established schools on the mountain where students are obliged to study in Romanised Kurdish.”

The Kurdistan Region’s Ministry of Education has previously condemned the action because it is contrary to the official syllabus.

BasNews has learned that 6 schools have been established on Mount Sinjar where students must study in Romanised Kurdish.

The head of Nineveh Council Bashar Kiki has said, “Sinjar is an Iraqi town and it must adhere to Iraqi and Kurdistan Region rules.”

The Mayor of Sinjarm Maisar Haji, has also declared these schools illegitimate, and not officially recognised.

After Islamic State (IS) militants attacked Sinjar in August 2014, the YPG attempted to establish Sinjar Canton on Mount Sinjar where more than 400 displaced Yazidi families are living.

Students in the Kurdistan Region study a Kurdish curriculum written in Arabic script while the Romanised script is more popular in Turkish Kurdistan.
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