lundi 9 mars 2015

Idleb (Syrie) : mort d'Abou Omar al-Kurdi (un membre fondateur du Front al-Nosra)

"Middle East
Deaths Reported in Syria of Top Figures in Group Affiliated With Al Qaeda


BEIRUT, Lebanon — A loyalist of Osama bin Laden who trained fighters to battle American troops in Iraq and became a commander of Al Qaeda’s affiliate in Syria was killed there in the last week along with three fellow leaders, according to Syrian insurgents and a monitoring organization.

Reports differed on exactly when and how the commander, Samir Hijazi, and the other leaders of the affiliate, the Nusra Front, were killed. But the deaths of so many top figures, if confirmed, would signal a sharp blow to the Nusra Front, one of the strongest insurgent factions fighting the Syrian government. (...)

Reports that he had been killed in northern Syria along with the other Nusra leaders surfaced on Thursday.

The head of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, who goes by the pseudonym Rami Abdul Rahman for security reasons, said that Mr. Hijazi and another Nusra leader had died on Thursday in Idlib Province, near the Turkish border, but that it remained unclear what had killed them.

The other leader, known as Abu Omar al-Kurdi, was also a veteran jihadist who had been among the Nusra Front’s founding members.

Two other Nusra leaders were killed and several others wounded in an apparent airstrike on their base near the Turkish border on Feb. 27, Mr. Abdul Rahman said."

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