mardi 10 février 2015

Le GRK veut enquêter sur une vidéo censée montrer le meurtre sous la torture d'un officier peshmerga par une milice chiite

KRG to Authenticate Video Showing ‘Shiite Militia Killing Peshmerga’
Video shows Shiite militias purportedly torturing and murdering a Peshmerga officer

Basnews  |  Hoshmand Sadiq
07.02.2015  14:47


The Peshmerga Ministry say they have started an investigation into the authenticity of a video that allegedly shows Iraqi Shiite militia gunmen torturing and killing a Peshmerga officer.

A video clip was released on social media on Friday, showing a blindfolded and handcuffed man, wearing a Peshmerga uniform, being taken out of the back of a van, before being tortured and murdered. The video has ignited anger among many Kurds, who have called on the Kurdistan Regional Government to take action against Shiite militia groups.

There are claims on social media that the video was taken in Jalawla and Saadia, Kurdish towns in the Diyala Province of northern Iraq. The Peshmerga Ministry say they are attempting to validate the video.

Halgord Hikmat, spokesman for the Ministry, told BasNews that they are investigating if the victim is a Peshmerga.

“If it is confirmed and we pinpoint the location, we will act,” added Hikmat.

He said that even if the person is not Peshmerga, it’s still unacceptable and “a black mark on Shiite militia groups”.

When Jalawla and Saadia were freed from Islamic State late last year, Shiite militia groups entered the towns. According to local residents, militia gunmen have committed crimes against Kurdish residents of the area.
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