samedi 21 février 2015

La Turquie d'Erdogan continue à apporter une aide militaire aux peshmerga irakiens

Turkey Sends Military Aid to Peshmerga Forces
Ankara has delivered three trucks of materiel aid to Erbil

17.02.2015  16:46


Turkey has delivered military aid for Kurdish Peshmerga forces, with the new cache containing military equipment for Kurdish forces fighting the Islamic State militants.

According to press release from Turkish Consulate General in Erbil, Ankara from the very first day of the Islamic State crisis, has been the leading country among others, which have provided humanitarian and military aid to the Kurdish Regional Government of Iraq, and the aid to the region has continued.

Turkey provides training support to Peshmerga forces within the scope of security needs and has trained around 1500 Peshmerga fighters until now and they also have provided logistic support to Peshmerga forces.

In addition to the previous 12 trucks of materiel aid, which were aimed at meeting Peshmerga’s need for military equipment and critical supplies, on Monday Feb.16th Turkey delivered three trucks of materiel aid.

The new military equipment including tents with thermal insulation, night vision devices and mine detectors are among the materiel delivered to the officials from the Ministry of Peshmerga Affairs on Monday.

Turkey has also been involved in humanitarian assistance activities since June 2014 when clashes broke out in Iraq and Kurdistan has dispatched 728 trucks of humanitarian aid to the region so far.

Ankara also established three modern camps for around 35,000 refugees in the region, with 20,000 of them in Dohuk-Sharia, 12,500 in Zakho-Berseva and 2,000 in Zakho-Derebun.
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