samedi 21 février 2015

Frontière irano-irakienne : les gardes iraniens avaient détenu un commandant peshmerga

Iranian Guards Detain Peshmerga Commander in Halabja
Kurdish commander and two bodyguards released after a day in Iranian jail

Basnews  |  Omar Aziz
17.02.2015  11:56


Iranian border guards have released a Peshmerga commander and two of his bodyguards 24 hours after they were detained on the Iranian border near Halabja.

Fazil Basharati, the head of Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) office in Halabja gave BasNews details of the incident.

“On Sunday afternoon, Peshmerga commander Saeed Bahaddin and two of his guards were repairing a road near their village Lawran. Iranian border guards entered Iraqi Kurdistan illegally and detained the Peshmerga, taking them to Iran,” said Basharati.

When Basharati learned of the detention, he informed KRG leadership. After 24 hours they were freed and returned to the Kurdistan Region.

“We still don’t know the reasons behind their apprehension and we call on the Iranian authorities to clarify the incident,”
added Basharati.

Halabja is about 14 km from the notoriously porous stretch of the Iranian border.
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