mardi 10 février 2015

Deux djihadistes kurdes iraniens tués dans les rangs de l'EI

Photo: Two Kurdish Youths Killed Fighting For IS
One of them from Kurdish Sanandaj Province in Iran

Basnews  |  Dler Abdulrahman
08.02.2015  10:53


Social media accounts linked to Islamic State (IS) militants have publish photos and names of another two Kurdish jihadists killed while fighting for them.

Farzad Maisurabi, aged 22 was from Zhawaro in Kamiyaran city, Sanandaj Province in Iran.

The other youth, Rebin Zirar – also known as Muhajir – was killed during coalition airstrikes. No information has been posted in regards to where he lived prior to joining IS.

As IS emerged in Syria and overran Mosul, a significant number of Kurdish youths took up arms with the group. Many have been killed fighting the Peshmerga and other Kurdish forces.

IS deploy the Kurdish youths to the frontlines, taking advantage of the deep antipathy they feel towards the Peshmerga.

Information suggests that since the emergence of IS, more than 100 Kurdish Iranian youths have joined the extremists. Reliable data identifying the numbers of Iraqi Kurdish youths fighting for IS has not yet been made available.

In the last three days, three other Kurdish youths – named only as Faruq, Omar and Namo – were killed while fighting for IS in areas around Kirkuk, bring the total to five in the last week alone.
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