mercredi 14 janvier 2015

Un officiel du PDK : les milices chiites "incendient les maisons des Kurdes et des Arabes sunnites"

Shiite Militia Groups Increase In Kurdish Territories
Shiite Militia Groups: we won’t leave areas where we have lost fighters

Basnews  |  Nuwar Faqie
Following attacks by Islamic State (IS) in Kurdish populated areas in Iraq, Shiite Militia groups are on the increase and are strengthening bases in the Kirkuk, Jalawla and Saadia areas, under the direction of the Hashdi Shabi militia group.

On Monday, an intelligence source from Kirkuk told BasNews that there are nine heavily-armed Shiite militia groups in the province, especially in the south.

The source claims that the number of militia groups increases daily, accusing them of kidnapping, murder and robbery, creating tension and mistrust in the area.

The source noted that beside the Hashd Shabi and Iraqi army, the Asaib Ahl al- Haq, Iraqi Hizbullah and Khurasan militia groups have entered the province, often supported by their senior members.

Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) official Sheikh Ja’far Sheikh Mustafa told BasNews, “Shiite militia groups in Jalawla and Saadia are preventing the Peshmerga entering areas under their control. The groups are torching Kurdish and Sunni Arab houses.”

Moreover, he said that many Shiite militia groups in the strongholds of Jalawla and Saadia report to Iran. Those groups that have lost men in battles against IS refuse to leave, he concluded.
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