mardi 27 janvier 2015

Norvège : libération du mollah Krekar

Kurdish Cleric Krekar Released From Prison
Krekar freed from the prison after two years behind bars

Basnews  |  Dler Abdulrahman
25.01.2015  16:41


The controversial Kurdish cleric Najmaddin Faraj Ahmad, also known as mullah Krekar, has been released from Kongsvinger prison in southeastern Norway today, Sunday.

Mullah Krekar was imprisoned in 2012 for making death threats against three Kurds and Conservative Party leader Erna Solberg, now Prime Minister of Norway.

Khalid Ranjdar, the brother of the Kurdish cleric told BasNews, according to agreement between Norwegian police and Krekar’s lawyer, he has been freed from prison after two years.
“He will remain in the Norwegian capital Oslo and won’t be going anywhere,” added Ranjdar.

There have been reports from Kurdish press that there are efforts to send mullah Krekar back to the Kurdistan region.

Last week, Norwegian police announced that Krekar would be sent to an asylum center in the village of Kyrksaeterora in central Norway after his release, however the decision has been suspended as the mullah’s lawyer has issued a complaint to Oslo District Court, where it is expected to be processed early next week.

Krekar cannot be sent back to the Kurdistan Region in accordance with international human rights regulations, because the Kurdish authorities, where he is wanted on terror charges, are yet to guarantee that he will not face torture or execution upon return.

Mullah Krekar was the founder of Kurdish terrorist group Ansar al-Islam.
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