mardi 6 janvier 2015

Norvège : le mollah Krekar (leader du groupe islamiste kurde Ansar al-Islam) serait sur le point d'être libéré

Mullah Krekar Release Date Nears
Radical Kurdish leader set to be released later this month

Basnews  |  Gailan Muhammad

05.01.2015  10:54


Mullah Krekar, the Kurdish founder of radical Islamic group Ansar al-Islam is soon to be released from Norwegian prison, according to his brother.

Mullah Krekar, 55, left the Kurdistan Region for Norway as a refugee in 1991. He has been in prison since 2012, when he was sentenced to five years after being found guilty for making death threats against Norwegian officials and others.

His brother, Khalid Ranjdar, also based in Norway, told BasNews that the mullah would be freed from prison later this month.

“When we last visited him in prison, he told us that he has received a letter from prison authorities informing him he will be released on January 25th,” said Ranjdar.

Mullah Krekar – born as Najmaddin Faraj Ahmad – remains in Norway despite the deportation order against him because of the security situation in Iraq.

Ranjdar said that as Mullah Krekar has no cases against him in Norway or any other country, they are optimistic he will be freed.

In 2011, Krekar was found guilty of threatening three Kurds living in Norway who had burnt pages of the Koran or insulted it in some other way.

The UN and US regard Ansar al-Islam, which was based in Iraqi Kurdistan, as a terrorist organisation.
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