lundi 19 janvier 2015

Le chef suprême des Yézidis condamne la création d'un "canton" par le PKK dans le Sinjar

Yazidi Supreme Leader: Creation of Sinjar Canton is the creation of another IS
Kurdish Yazidi MP: the creation of Sinjar Canton will deepen Yazidi wounds

Basnews  |  Nuwar Faqie
18.01.2015  14:29


The Kurdish Yazidi supreme spiritual leader says that they refuse to recognise the creation of Sinjar Canton and claims that the controversial move could create a another terrorist group like Islamic State.

On Saturday, Yazidi spiritual leader Baba Sheikh spoke exclusively to BasNews. “We have been clear about our official reaction to the existence of any forces in Sinjar other than the Peshmerga of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG).”

Baba Sheikh insisted that everyone must consider the deep wounds and adversities faced by the Yazidi people and their future must not be under threat.

Kurdish Yazidi Member of Parliament in Baghdad Viyan Dakhil told BasNews, “Unfortunately, while most of the world is trying to recognise the Yazidi genocide, some other Kurdish parties are willing to deepen their wounds.”

Dakhil said that they will not accept Sinjar Canton under any circumstances. She believes that it is insulting, and it is yet another crime against the Yazidi people.

She pointed out that only the Peshmerga forces of the KRG have defended Yazidis, and they will only accept the authority of the Kurdistan Region President and KRG in Sinjar.

After the PKK announcement of the formation of Sinjar Canton, the KRG presidency rejected the plan and warned the PKK not to impose their policies on the people of Sinjar.

The Kurdistan Parliament also rejected the PKK decision and said their action takes the region back to the dark days of Kurdish civil war in the 1990s.
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