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Université de Kirkouk : tensions entre Kurdes et Arabes à l'occasion de la "journée du drapeau du Kurdistan"

Tension Rises in Kirkuk Over Kurdistan Flag Day
Kurdish and Arab University students fight over Iraq and Kurdistan flag

Basnews  |  Hoshmand Sadiq

18.12.2014  11:12


Tensions rose between Kurdish and Arab students in one of the university dorms in the mixed Kirkuk province in northern Iraq, after the Kurds celebrated their flag day on Wednesday.

The head of Kirkuk Security pointed out that fight broke out between Arab and Kurdish university students, after the Kurdish students celebrated Kurdistan Flag Day by rising Kurdistan flag in the university and this made the Arab students angry.

Halo Najat, the Kirkuk security director told BasNews that as a result of the fight in one of the university dorms in Kirkuk, eight Kurdish students have been wounded and they have began investigating the fight and will check the security cameras to see who were the initiatives of the tension and he vowed all the perpetrators will be arrested.

“The tension arose when the Arab students prevented Kurdish students from rising a Kurdistan flag, but Kurdish students entered the university and waved Kurdistan flag and this angered the Arab students and then fight broke out,” said Najat to BasNews on Wednesday.

“Arab students prevented the Kurds waving the Kurdistan flag which caused the tension to start and grow bigger and resulted in some of Kurdish students were wounded”, added the head of Kirkuk security force.

Najat stated that security forces entered the university and stopped the brawl and allowed medics to take the injured students to Kirkuk Hospital.

“Nobody has been arrested so far, but we have started our investigation through our security committee, they will check the security cameras to see who are the initiatives of the tension then they will be arrested,” added Najat.

On Wednesday morning, Kurds around Kurdistan region and the disputed regions in northern Iraq, to mark their national Flag Day and Kurdish students in Kirkuk University, however some Arab students attacked them and prevented them to raise Kurdistan’s flag.

BasNews reporter in Kirkuk pointed out that some Arab students attacked Kurdish group of students whom had Kurdistan Flag in their hands.

“Kurdish students wanted to celebrate the day to express their respect to Kurdistan’s flag, but when Arab students raised Iraq flag against them, which caused tension and fight broke out and it continued for an hour,” said BasNews reporter.

After the brawl, the Kurdish Kirkuk governor Najmaddin Karim called on the resident to respect each other’s symbols and not to do anything that can cause tensions among the Kirkuk ethnics.

December 17 of every year, the Kurds celebrate their Flag Day, by wearing Kurdish traditional clothes and rising Kurdistan and this year the day marked with more enthusiasm, due to Kurdistan region being in war with the Islamic State (IS) militants.

The Kurdistan Flag Day, started in 2007, when Kurdistan Region Parliament passed a law to make December 17th of every year the Day of Kurdistan Flag, to allow all Kurds from around to pay their respect for the flag.
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