mardi 30 décembre 2014

Sinjar : les YPG empêchent l'ouverture d'un centre médical

YPG Prevents Medical Center Opening Near Sinjar
YPG fighters stop any KRG establishments in the area

Basnews  |  Hoshmand Sadiq

28.12.2014  15:21


People’s Protection Units (YPG) fighters have stopped the establishment of a medical clinics in the Khanasor community of the Snune area near the town of Sinjar.

A source close to the matter exclusively told BasNews, “After the liberation of many areas around Sinjar, medical center employees returned to the community and wanted to re-open the center to help the people of the area and Peshmerga forces, but YPG fighters prevented them from doing so.”
The source continued, “The reason that the YPG fighters did this is because they have announced that there shall not be any Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) establishments in the area.”

“After the Peshmerga freed areas around Sinjar, YPG fighters have arrived and established checkpoints in some places. Sometimes they prevent people and Peshmerga from moving to those areas, whereas the Peshmerga forces haven’t prevented the YPG from moving to any areas,” said the source.

The mayor of Sinjar Maisar Haji confirmed the news to BasNews.

“We are in contact with the players in the region, including KRG and YPG fighters, in order to solve the issue and open the medical center as soon as possible,” said Haji.

Earlier this month, Kurdish Peshmerga forces with the support of United States-led coalition forces were able to clear a large swat of Sinjar area in northern Iraq and there have been reports that YPG fighters have been active in the area as well.
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