samedi 20 décembre 2014

Mardin : 8 mineurs du PKK se sont rendus aux autorités

8 Children Flee from Terrorist PKK in Silopi, Mardin
Published 18-12-2014
11 PKK terrorists, including 8 children warriors linked to the terrorist organization, surrendered to the security forces near Silopi district of Mardin in southeast of Turkey.
According to the declaration of Mardin Governor's Office, 11 militants escaping from the terrorist PKK organization surrendered to the security headquarters in Habur border gate near Silopi, southeast of Mardin.

Mardin Governor's Office said "the number of terrorists escaped from the terrorist organization has rised to 505 since 21 March 2013."

According to Mustafa Kaya from Aydınlık, the participation of children in the PKK terror organization increased during the Kurdish Dissolution Process conducted by the AKP and the PKK under the control of the USA.

The percentage of children (0-18 age group) is according to data from two years ago around 15% [of total membership]. The latest participation has directly increased it from 15 to 20%.

An unnamed senior intelligence official had said the following in his interview to Aydınlık in 17 July 2014, "They need youths and in fact children of action of any type of legal or illegal organization to realize their aims. The age bracket in which all terror organizations across the world gain members is 15-24. Children and youth have dreams of changing the world. The more their ties to society grow (partners, work, participation in social, responsibility) they begin to remove themselves from act which but their social lives at risk. Furthermore, when we look at the age percentages of participation, we see that 50% joined the group as children (18 and under). In this sense, we can say that children constitute to being a pool of members."

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