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Kurdistan irakien : les partis islamistes kurdes s'élèvent contre le principe de l'égalité homme-femme et la laïcité

Islamic Parties in Kurdistan Unhappy with Gender Equality
Efforts to put gender equality in Kurdistan draft constitution angers Kurdish Islamists

Basnews  |  Hemin Salih

26.11.2014  15:39


The draft constitution of the Kurdistan Region will again be a hot topic among Kurdish officials and Members of Parliament, particularly those that relate to gender equality in the region.

Last week in a meeting between Kurdistan Region President, Massoud Barzani and Kurdistan Parliament Speaker Yousuf Mohammed, the draft constitution of the region was discussed.

It was proposed that changes should be made not only in governance but also in other areas such as gender equality.

Former PUK Member of Parliament (MP) Sozan Shahab told BasNews that the amendments to the draft will not only be political and governmental.

“The most important article in the constitution is gender equality. Officials in Syrian Kurdistan have bravely led the way in this,” added Shahab.

She said that equality must feature in the constitution to prevent polygamy, diminish inequality in terms of family inheritance and rid the region of the practice of “honor killing”.

She believes it is a basic principle for governing the country and promoting women’s rights; nobody should dare defend the murder of  women.

Shahab said that the constitution is made up of freedoms, rights and the system of government. In the past few years, opposition parties have only discussed the governmental system without looking at freedoms, rights and basic principles.

“It’s important that the committee that has been formed to amend the draft constitution is representative. Previously the committee was made up of 18 men and one woman and male attitudes considered women’s rights in that draft,” said Shahab.

She continued, “Islamic parties must know that it is 2014. The constitution will be written for our generation, not two years. They should consider that women’s rights are not only for women, but for all humanity.”

Intellectual and political analyst Fuad Majid Misri spoke to BasNews, “Unfortunately, in the last 23 years in the Kurdistan Region, Kurds have been unable to write and approve a constitution and that’s a big problem for Kurdish political process.”

“It is important for the Kurdish society and it effects our community. If we look at Tunisia, most of the people voted against Islam being the foundation of the constitution even though it is an Arab and Islamic country,” said Misri.

He also emphasized the importance of a law that Syrian Kurdistan [Rojava] introduced recently about gender equality, which he believes put Rojava years ahead of the Kurdistan Region.

“Now, women and men in Rojava are equal in almost all cases and that’s a big step for human rights and freedoms,” added Misri.

However, the head of the Human Rights Committee and Kurdistan Islamic Group (Komal) MP, Soran Omar told BasNews that there is no way they will accept Kurdistan’s constitution to be against Islamic Law (Sharia) because it will mean changing article six; Islam as the source of the constitution of the Kurdistan Region.

“This is a red line for us”, added Omar, who is a member of Komal, which is one of the Islamic parties in Iraqi Kurdistan region.

“Our community is Muslim and removing this article can’t fit within the constitution of Iraq or the laws that have been passed based on that article,” explained Omar.
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