mardi 16 décembre 2014

Kurdistan irakien : 15 Kurdes accusés de commerce illégal de pétrole avec l'EI

15 Kurds Accused of Illegally Trading Oil With Islamic State
Investigations on more suspects continuing

Basnews  |  Hemin Salih

09.12.2014  19:41


A number of Kurdish members of parliament are signatories to a draft law that will punish those accused of engaging in oil smuggling with Islamic State (IS) militants. The investigative committee will present a report of the case to the Kurdish Parliamentary leadership soon.

According to the report, 15 Kurdish people have been arrested for the offence and several other people are under investigation.

Firsat Sofi, a member of the committee told BasNews that a group of parliament members have signed a letter asking the Kurdistan Parliamentary leadership to implement a law punishing oil smugglers in the Kurdistan Region, since the law is practiced in other parts of Iraq.

“Adraft law has been prepared in the Baghdad parliament that punishes those directly or indirectly involved in selling or smuggling oil,” said Sofi.

He claimed that the Kurdistan Region parliament has the right to amend and add to the law, including the imposition of harsher penalities on those found guilty.

“We have information about oil smuggling from Kirkuk by some Kurds and 15 people have been arrested, with investigations into several more ongoing,” he added.

Sofi noted that anti-terrorism laws will be implemented against the accused, who have no chance of running from justice.

Kurdish MP Bahar Mahmood, who also signed the draft law, told BasNews, “We want to prevent people from stealing and smuggling the country’s resources by punishing them to the full extent of the law. We want to use the new draft law to more effectively prevent this illegal trade from continuing.”

However, the head of Natural Resources Committee Sherko Jawdat told BasNews, “The work of the committee investigating the case has not yet finished. There remain some decisions to be taken.”
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