mardi 28 octobre 2014

Touz Khourmatou : la milice chiite Badr a arrêté plusieurs peshmerga et les a envoyés à Bagdad

Shiite Militia Arrest Number of Peshmerga


Omar Awara
BasNews, Salahaddin
Following clashes between Kurdish Peshmerga forces and Shiite Badr Militia in Khurmatu, Salahaddin province, the Militia arrested number of Peshmerga fighters and sent them to Baghdad where they may face trial.

On Monday, a security source from Khurmatu confirmed the news and told BasNews, “After the clashes of the past few days between Peshmerga forces and Badr Militia in Khurmatu, two Badr militants were killed and four injured.”
He continued, “As a result, Badr Militia group arrested eight Peshmerga fighters.”

“Later, two Peshmerga were freed and six remained in custody. Furthermore, due to a complaint made by the killed militants’ family against the Peshmerga as well as under the justification that the Khurmatu court has been dismantled in the area, the case of these Peshmerga fighters will be sent to Baghdad. The Badr Militia group will try the case,” said the source.
According to information obtained by BasNews, Peshmerga forces recently fired on a Badr militia vehicle in Duzkhurmatu area for not stopping at a Peshmerga checkpoint, leading to the clashes.
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