mardi 28 octobre 2014

L'Allemagne s'inquiète du fait que certains de ses ressortissants rejoignent les terroristes du PKK

Germany Worried About Citizens Joining Kurdish Forces


BasNews, Berlin

German authorities are worried about the increasing number of Kurds from Germany travelling to Syria to join the fight against Islamic State,
reports Der Spiegel.

“These people are not so stupid as the Jihadists,” said an intelligence official to Der Spiegel. “They can hardly be distinguished from normal travellers, and do not use social media to post pictures.”

As result, German security services lack information about young Kurds that join the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), an organization that remains proscribed as a terrorist group according in the European Union.

Moreover, police and intelligence services are worried that violence is spreading to Germany after there were violent clashes between Kurds and Islamic extremists in Hamburg in October, resulting in many casualties.

Kurds and Shiites may be encouraged to use violence against Salafi extremists living in Germany.
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