mercredi 29 octobre 2014

La Turquie d'Erdogan aurait secrètement payé deux mois de salaires pour les fonctionnaires du Kurdistan irakien

Turkey Has Paid Two Months of Kurdish Employees’ Salaries

Kurdo Shaban
BasNews, Erbil

The Turkish government has sent two months of Iraqi Kurdish government employees’ salaries, but due to internal conflicts in Iraq, it has remained secret, claims a Kurdish writer.

The writer Noreldin Waisy, in his Tuesday column in the Bas Weekly newspaper, talks about the factors behind the apparent reluctance of the Turkish to fight Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria.

In his column he talks about recent meetings with senior Turkish officials in Istanbul including Turkey’s Deputy Prime Minister, Yalçın Akdoğan. He was told that the kidnapping of Turkish diplomats in Mosul by IS militants was the main factor behind Turkish inaction toward IS gains in the Kurdistan Region.

“During the meetings, I got the feeling that Turkish officials are desperate to clear the air and explain their position towards IS. They feel there is an unfair campaign going on against Turkey and rejected the idea that they are supporting IS,” wrote Waisy.

Regarding the Kurdistan Region’s relationship with Ankara, Waisy quotes Safa Sadık Aytekin, Turkish Deputy Undersecretary of Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, where he says, “The relationship bewteen the Kurdistan Region and Turkey is like a romantic relationship between a boy and a girl’.

Waisy says that during his visit to Turkey, with a number of Kurdish journalists, and in their meetings with Turkish officials, they criticized the Turkish policy when IS attacked the Kurdistan Region a few months ago. They also attacked the Turkish stance toward the besieged Kurdish city of Kobani in Syrian Kurdistan which has become headline news around the world.
However, Waisy reports that the Turkish officials’ response to all the criticism was that Turkey has done much to support Kurds in recent months.

They said for example that the majority of Kobani residents (currently over 200,000 people) are based in Turkey and the Turkish government has supported them, and the 40,000 Kurdish Yazidi refugees that have arrived in Turkey since IS militants took over Sinjar.
Turkish officials also said that Turkey is the only country in the world that has opened a refugee camp inside the Kurdistan region.

The Kurdish journalist also reveals for the first time that a Turkish official has claimed that two months of Iraqi Kurdistan government employees’ salaries has been provided by Ankara; however Turkish officials wanted that information kept secret, so in the future Turkish opposition parties won’t use it against the ruling AKP.

In recent months, Turkey’s position toward Islamic State has been criticized and some have accused Ankara of supporting the Jihadi group and even providing them weapons and a safe haven.
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