vendredi 26 septembre 2014

En plein délire complotiste et antisémite, Abdullah Öcalan (PKK) déclare que l'Etat islamique est un "projet israélien"

"Öcalan: There is a high intensity war
ANF - ISTANBUL 24.09.2014 09:30:22

Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan has described ISIS attacks as "high intensity war”, calling on the Kurdish people to act accordingly. Öcalan said Turkey’s Rojava policy was a "policy of war against the Kurds".

The DİHA news agency has published details of a visit made by Mr Öcalan’s guardian Mazlum Dinç to Imralı island on Monday.

Öcalan said: "Davutoğlu said two or three years ago that he would not recognise Rojava and its autonomy. What does non-recognition mean? It means ‘I will fight against you.’ It means it will not permit an administration to come into being and will do everything to bring about its collapse.”

To save something from ISIS needs practical action against ISIS

Öcalan added: "Barzani says: ‘I will save Rojava’. In fact this statement has a different meaning. To save Rojava from ISIS involves taking military action against the genocidal ISIS attacks. Otherwise, waiting for the defeat of the PYD resistance rather than of ISIS means saving Rojava from the PYD.”

ISIS attacks have connections to Israel

Öcalan said the ISIS attacks have links to Israel, adding: “The intention is to create an Israel in that territory. The place names in this area. For instance, Suruç comes from the Hebrew name Saruch,who was aa ancestor of Abraham and Moses. Harran comes from the name of Moses’ brother, Haroon. All these names are in the Torah. There has always been a wish to found an Israel here. The GAP [South East Anatolian Project] serves this. When the GAP project began in 1978 I was in Urfa. The project was designed to seize the land and water of the people. No one can oppose the policies of Israel. Ecevit wanted to, but they stopped him. ISIS is an Israeli project. The AKP cannot resist against this. They threatened him and the government was almost toppled.”"

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