vendredi 26 septembre 2014

Amerli : les Turkmènes chiites s'opposent à la mainmise kurde sur leur territoire

Shiite Militia Groups Attack Kurds in Amerli

Omar Awara
BasNews, Kirkuk

After liberating a number of towns from Islamic State militants, a number of Shiite militia groups that have settled south of Kirkuk have begun to cause problems for Kurds in the area.

The Shiite groups have set up a network of checkpoints and stop Kurdish travelers and ask them for IDs and investigate them.

Friyad Amin Abdullah is a citizen of Khurmatu, one of the areas the new militias have been controlling, told BasNews about the actions of those Shiite militia groups.

“Now, these militias cause problems for the residents of the areas and ask for their IDs. If they find out the person is Kurd, they make travels for them, triggering Kurdish residents’ anger to fight,’ said Abdullah.

“Due to the behavior of Shiite militias toward Kurds in the city, now Kurds visit public places and markets less frequently, staying more often in the strictly Kurdish neighborhoods,” added Abdullah.
Khurmatu Policeman Chief Neriman Rahim pointed out that “putting checkpoints in the city and asking for residents’ ID, especially Kurds, is a plan pushed and encouraged by Turkmens of the city.”

“Turkmens believe that Kurds have occupied the city and they have to leave, especially Kurdish Peshmerga forces that have been deployed in the area,” added Rahim.

BasNews spoke with one of the commanders of those Shiite militia groups named Hussein Hadi, who stated: “We can’t make decisions on our own unless we are ordered by those who are above us. We came from southern of Iraq to the area, and we don’t have any experience in the city.”

On Thursday, Investigation Officer in Khurmatu Police Office Odi al-Bayati confirmed the news and told BasNews: “those militias have entered the city without the permission of the city’s administration and independently put checkpoints as well as starting to check and investigate people. Five militia members were detained in the city and so far had to be released.”
Earlier this month, Amerli and other surrounding areas were freed from Islamic State Militants and according to reports Shiite and Iranian militia groups came in big numbers in to the area.
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